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The future of visual search and what it means for SEO companies

Thanks to the vast resources at the disposal of companies like Google, visual search is finally becoming viable. How, then, will SEO evolve as visual search

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How to Use the New Lifetime Value Feature in Google Analytics

You’re drowning in data. You’ve got enough KPIs to track and report on already. Why would you possibly need another one? What good would come of adding yet another hour to the end of you’re already long work day in order to dig it up? The truth, in this case, is that you can’t afford …

Neil Patel
Why You’re Not Ranking Where You Should Be (And How to Fix It)

As you’ve probably already discovered, ranking in Google’s results is easier said than done. No one needs to tell you that there are millions of different websites trying to steal your rankings and, in some cases, many of those competitors succeed. Of course, you don’t want them to. But beating them isn’t a matter of …

Neil Patel
Inside Google’s new Search Console: What’s new, what’s the same, and what’s still to come?

Earlier this month, Google rolled out the beta version of its new and improved Search Console to all verified users. Now that the revamped Search Console is

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Who were the “winners” and “losers” of organic search in 2017?

Earlier this week, Searchmetrics published its fourth annual Winners and Losers Report, which reveals how certain sites fared in organic search visibility...

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Using SEO Keywords to Get the Most Traction in Search Engines

Download your free step-by-step SEO Keywords checklist to help you get maximum traction in search engines for each page on your website.

Shane Barker
Technical SEO: 3 Embarrassing Errors To Check Right Now!

Gain an understanding of the most common technical SEO errors, how they affect your site, and exactly what you can do to avoid or correct these errors.

Shane Barker
10 Link Building Strategies To Increase Your Search Rankings In 2018

These 10 link building strategies are guaranteed to increase your search engine rankings and traffic in 2018. Link building doesn't have to be hard work.

AJ Ghergich
Tracking Hidden Long-Tail Search Traffic

Long-tail search isn't dead. You just can't see it. Track hidden long-tail search traffic using Google Search Console data and some straight-forward math.

AJ Kohn
Top 8 Google Analytics Reports for Managing Organic SEO Campaigns

Thanks to Google Analytics, we have all the data necessary to formulate a successful SEO campaign and measure its impact. If you aren't already using custom

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How AI can uncover new insights and drive SEO performance

Jim Yu believes that by incorporating the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, search marketers can move beyond simple observations and find new patterns in user behavior.

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How to Use WordPress Lazy Load & Easily Improve Your Site Speed

Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to implement WordPress lazy load on images and videos. This can help boost performance and save resources.

AJ Ghergich
3 SEO tasks to start 2018 off with a bang

Wondering where to focus your efforts this year in order to gain an edge over your competitors? Jeremy Knauff has some ideas.

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The Cornerstone Content Creation Checklist

So, you’ve got a blog – everybody says your business should have a blog, so you made one. And maybe you regularly write articles relevant to your industry or the customers you hope to attract. Chances are, if you’ve been doing this for a while, you have a large number of articles that relate to the core theme of your business.

Shane Barker
SEO Hacker 2017 Round-up

As the year is about to end, here are some of the best posts on our blog!

Shane Barker
Website redesigns: How to retain and improve your SEO

Marcus Miller explains how to make the most of your website redesign so that you not only preserve your SEO efforts but embrace the new opportunities that come with relaunching a site.

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Why Content Marketing Isn't Really About Your Content

Creating 'killer content' demands that you look past content itself to the consumer behaviors you wish to create.

Aaron Agius #SEO
What’s next for technical SEO?

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