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SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends

As the holiday season is about to arrive, here are things you need in your SEO checklist.

Shane Barker
Here are top 10 ways SMO can boost your website ranking

Learn how to improve your website rankings through SMO. For additional SMO insight, check out top tips on how to boost your website ranking in SERP's

Shane Barker
When SEO isn’t your SEO problem

Even the greatest SEO strategy won't succeed if you can't implement it properly. Casie Gillette discusses common client obstacles and how to overcome them.

Search Engine Land
Don't Publish a Single Blog Post Without These 9 HTML Tags

Understanding basic HTML is absolutely necessary if you’re running a blog. If you didn’t already know, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a coding language that tells your web browser how to read a web page. HTML tags are the containers for these different kinds of elements. They consist of angle brackets with the …

Neil Patel
15 Awesome Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis

To outrank your competitors, you need to know their strategy. These 15 tools will help you get started with SEO competitor analysis.

Ed Leake
How to SEO optimize your knowledge base (and why you need to)

You spend a great deal of time and effort SEO optimizing your main website. But do you SEO optimize your knowledge base and support content?

Shane Barker
A site migration SEO checklist: Don’t lose traffic

Search Engine Land is the leading industry source for daily, must-read news and in-depth analysis about search engine technology.

Search Engine Land
How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into High-Quality Leads

It would be a dream come true if every person who visited your website ended up converting or at least became a valuable lead. But you know that that’s not how it works. At the same time, it’s possible to get closer to achieving this goal by taking some actions that may turn your visitors …

Shane Barker
Why Ranking 1 on Google Is Bad for Your ROI (And What to Focus on Instead)

Ranking first on Google has become a lifelong pursuit for many marketers. It’s become the gold standard of search engine optimization. It’s the marketing dream. If only you could show your buddies or boss that you’re ranking first, you’d feel like a success. You want to rank #1 for your most desired, high-volume keyword. You want …

Neil Patel
Need to increase organic website traffic? Here are 11 ways to do it

There's more to boosting organic site traffic than SEO and pay-per-click. Start with quality content your audience actually want to read.

Shane Barker
You've Been Branded! How SEO Can Build Your Brand

Building your Brand is all about visibility. This is why it makes complete and total sense that the SEO and Brand Building go hand in hand.

Shane Barker
5 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Website's SEO and Search Rankings

Rank higher in the search results by focusing your efforts on these four key SEO methods. Content creation, outreach, visual content marketing and more.

Shane Barker
12 signs that SEO expert isn't all that expert

How to tell a bad SEO expert from a good one.

Eric Enge
15+ Useful Firefox SEO Tools For Serious Bloggers And Web Designers

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process of structuring your web page so that search engines can reach, read and index your page in a higher ranking and finally bring more organic traffic to you. So, who should perform SEO for our websites, the web designers or the bloggers? Obviously, SEO should be done by web designers as well as the bloggers. Why i said so? Web designers should design the page structure so that the page can easily be read and indexed by search engine while the bloggers should make sure the articles contain keywords that can really

Shane Barker
SEO Cheat Sheet: Steal Your Competitor’s Rankings, Traffic, and Leads

Search engine optimization isn’t an easy task. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to get more organic traffic and improve your SEO. On top of that, SEO takes countless months of work, testing, and trial and error. You have to go through the ups and downs of SEO to figure out what works …

Neil Patel
Tips on how to marry UX & SEO: optimizing for time on site and page speed

High user engagement correlates to high rankings. Here we give tips on how to optimize your website for increased time on site and page speed.

Shopify SEO Experts Reveal Their 1 Task For Growth

I went out and asked a ton of top Shopify SEO experts this question: What is the number one SEO task a Shopify store should focus on monthly for growth? We then categorized the answers and I chose some of my favourite. I weighed in too.

Shane Barker
Reviews are the Most Prominent Local SEO Ranking Factor in 2017

Reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking factor in local search, according to a recent study.

Tamara McCleary
10 Forward-Thinking SEO Experts You Need to Follow

Life will continually change. So will SEO best practices. At least there are two things we can always count on. Keeping up with the ever-changing tips and techniques in the field of search engine optimization takes serious commitment. Read the expert SEO blogs and keep abreast of the latest news and you’ll always know the …

Shane Barker