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How to Protect Your Website Against a Negative SEO Attack from a Competitor

If you haven’t heard of negative SEO before it’s basically the opposite of SEO - so using techniques that lower a websites ranking on Google. Unfortunately some businesses don’t know how to get ahead of their competitors the legitimate way, so they just try to blast them out of the rankings altogether by making it…

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Discover new way how to rank your website with Rankpay

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New: Google Algorithm Changes Tool

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Google Reclassifies Certain Types of Thin Content Pages

We have new data which shows that the 25th October spike wasn't part of the gradual Penguin 3 roll-out.

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Why internal links and hub pages are a major factor in SEO success

Here's an example which highlights the importance of internal linking and the creation of hub pages.

3 Musts for a Modern SEO Strategy

Megan Totka of tells and helps you integrate the three important segments of SEO into a modern strategy.

4 Easy & Honest SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Site

You did everything right when optimizing your site for search -- or so you thought. Contributor Neil Patel explains where you may have gone wrong.

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Has Your Website Traffic Changed Recently? This Google Update Could be Why

Has your website traffic changed recently? You could be affected by the latest Google Penguin update which was released on October 17th 2014. If you’ve ever got involved in spammy link building techniques, or have been paying an SEO company who has done that for you, you’ve most likely been hit and are suffering a…

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Twitter Is Choosing Keywords For SEO via

With the news this week that Twitter is allowing Google access in the face of falling traffic ..... perhaps Porn is their answer. Dashboard via +SEMrush  - Tim Capper - Google+

How to Optimize Multi-Location Pages for Local SEO

Brands must fully explore and understand the pros and cons of using a SaaS platform versus a higher-touch solution to expand their local seo footprint.

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SEO Is Dead! Long Live USEO!

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4 SEO Tactics That Google Doesn’t Like and What You Should Do Instead

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year or two you’ll know that the SEO landscape has changed massively and that certain SEO techniques are no longer helpful to your business. QuickSprout have put together this infographic which highlights how SEO has changed by comparing old SEO techniques with what you should…

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Mounting Evidence Penguin 3.0 Doesn’t Work How You Think

The evidence continues to mount for an alternati

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