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Did you see our post yesterday? We've looked into the length of MetaDescriptions and what that means for your SEO.

The folks over at Yoast posted that they researched the before and after affects after Google extended their snippets maximum length a few months ago...

Design an SEO-friendly WebsiteArchitecture

Design An SEO-Friendly Website Architecture By Lauren Polinsky, Director of Search Analytics, MGM Resorts International - In order to be as visible as possible in organic search results, users and search engines have to get to your content. In order...

How to use CRO as a power boost for paid search, social ads and SEO,

If you are doing paid search, paid social or SEO, and are not optimizing your conversions, you might be leaving money on the table.

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How to force Google to recrawl your website

If you have launched a new website, updated a single page on your existing domain, or altered many pages and/or the structure of your site, you will likely want...

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The 40-point SEO checklist for startups

Startups can't afford to miss a SEO trick when it comes to launching a new site, says Pratik Dholakiya. Here's a checklist to help keep you on track.

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Google’s mobile-first indexing has set sail. Are you on board? 5 SEO essentials

We've been hearing about mobile-first indexing forever, and now the changes are here. Jim Yu shares five ways webmasters can optimize their content and on-site technical elements to succeed in the new world.

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Six Hreflang tag pitfalls to watch out for on e-commerce websites

When taking a website international, one of the most important technical SEO elements to get right is the Hreflang tag.

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SEO basics: The top 8 mistakes that rookies (and new businesses) make

By being keenly aware of specific pitfalls that new businesses and SEO rookies can fall into when attempting to optimize their site and their content, you can...

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4 underutilized schema markup opportunities that impact SEO

Tony Edwards recommends taking advantage of little-used brand, image, app and person schema that indirectly help position a website for better rankings.

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ICO marketing in 2018: from SEO to PPC

In an increasingly competitive and regulated world, how to market an ICO will be the difference between success and failure.

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An SEO’s survival guide to Single Page Applications (SPAs)

If you haven’t heard of Single Page Applications (SPA for short), or if you have been resistant to learning about these JavaScript methods for creating websites...

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The state of HTTPS in 2018: Why should you migrate?

People rarely take SEO recommendations seriously, especially when there are no direct repercussions of not following them. So, when in 2014 Google recommended...

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24 Best WordPress Themes for SEO Experts and Agencies (2018)

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for SEO experts and businesses? Check out our hand-picked list of the best WordPress themes for SEO experts.

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5 Reasons to Combine Your Crawl & Logs Data

Discover 5 actionnable use cases to combine crawl and log files data to improve your traffic, rankings and revenues. Unlock the Google blackbox.

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A forward-looking history of link building

Link building is still one of the most important aspects of SEO. No-one can deny that you need high-quality links if you want to see success in your SEO efforts...

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4 local SEO strategies for small and medium businesses

For small and medium businesses who want to compete on the same playing-field as much larger corporations with greater resources at their disposal, having a...

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5 ways to make your website stand out in the SERPs

Today's SERPs are a far cry from the humble list of ten results and handful of sponsored links that Google started out with. So how can we ensure our content is...

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Technical SEO vs content marketing: Which should SEOs focus on?

In the digital marketing sector we frequently talk about content and technical SEO as two distinct sections of marketing we can do on-site. But that's not...

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A quick and easy guide to meta tags in SEO

Here's a quick overview of meta tags, how to optimise them and how they can help you rank higher on SERPs.

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