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SEO 101: Which URL versions to add to Google Search Console

Can you really afford to miss out on free technical data about your website's performance in Google search results? Of course not! Fili Wiese explains how to set up your website in Google Search Console to make it work to your advantage.

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How to create a kickass link-building strategy for local SEO

According to the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors, inbound links are the most important ranking signal. At Brighton SEO last Friday, master of local SEO Greg

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3 reasons SEO is the account-based marketer’s secret weapon

A lot of B2B brands are discovering the powerful influence of account-based marketing (ABM) strategies, but is it enough? Nate Dame outlines why ABM needs SEO, and how they're better together.

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Here are 5 SEO reasons why your awesome content isn't even on the ranking radar.

Search Engine Land is the leading industry source for daily, must-read news and in-depth analysis about search engine technology.

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Top 10 SEO Warnings and Tips from Google in 2017

Discover the most important things Google warned SEOs about in 2017.

AJ Ghergich
4 Ways Your Social Media Strategy is Hurting Your SEO

Social media and SEO. Are they two peas in a pod? Are they a mutually-beneficial relationship? The short answer is yes. But most people don’t think SEO and social media go hand in hand. And most marketers aren’t focused on social media for SEO, either. The reason? Most marketers don’t know how social media can …

Neil Patel
9 SEO Hacks for Startups With Little Time and Money

Want to build your personal brand online? Who doesn’t? One way is to speed up your website. I have a video on how to do that. But you need more advanced tools to boost your SEO game. After all, 66% of marketers are focused on improving SEO rankings in 2017. That means the competition is stiff. …

Neil Patel
Code allergy should be a thing of the past: The Myth Of The Non-Technical Marketer

There is no such thing as a "non-technical (digital) marketer". Anyone working in digital is already technical, and should focus on accumulating new skills.

Simo Ahava
4 Things About SEO I Wish I Knew When I Started

SEO has taken the online marketing world by storm. And for good reason: 70% of the links that users click after searching for a keyword are organic. And 93% of internet users are constantly using a search network to find new businesses and information. It’s prime real estate for marketers, and everyone wants a piece of the …

Neil Patel
Why site speed is as important as ever on the visual web

As the internet has become a more important part of our daily lives, our online experience has evolved and we prefer much more visual content. But visual

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6 ways to market your local business online (beyond Google Maps)

Local businesses have lots of great opportunities to use digital channels to their advantage. Here are a few actionable ways to promote your local business

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Don’t follow the leader: Avoid these 5 common ecommerce SEO mistakes

We often look to industry leaders for inspiration, but Brian Weiss notes that big e-commerce players are often making critical SEO mistakes that should not be emulated.

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3 Timeless SEO Principles You Should Implement ASAP

There is no shortage of tactics and tips for you to use when it comes to search engine optimization. There is always a new growth hack and SEO tip to boost your rankings. There are always new tricks to generate more links. But most of that stuff fades with time and updates. SEO is always …

Neil Patel
Mobile & desktop SEO: Different results, different content strategies

You can't simply make your site responsive and truly call it mobile-ready, argues Jim Yu. To really adjust to the dramatic rise of mobile search, you need to understand how people are using these devices for finding things.

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How to make sure your dealer locator tools are optimized for local SEO

Brands with many distributor locations across the country use dealer locator tools to provide consumers information on how to find their products at local

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Dominating Any Keyword You Choose

Page one, position one. It’s the ultimate goal of every SEO marketer. But of course reaching this goal can be ...

Rebekah Radice
Why your site architecture and search strategy needs to be aligned

As a society, we have been conditioned with the age-old saying “Build it and they shall come”. However, does this hold true for the digital world and your

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We give you the best SEO influencers and resources to follow

The SEO industry has spawned a vast array of influencers, dispensing invaluable insights that businesses can apply to their own strategies. With luminaries like

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The 10 most common WordPress SEO challenges and how to solve them

If you're new to the business of SEO and are just figuring out how to optimize your WordPress site for search, navigating the landscape of SEO can seem like a

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